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W3C is...
W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium.
Its mission is to lead the World Wide Web by developing standards, protocols and guidelines that ensures and maximize best, interactive user experience.
W3C works to make the web accessible to all users despite of cultural, educational, ability, resource differences and physical limitations.

W3C Standards are...
W3C standards define an Open Web Platform that enables developers to build interactive user experience application development.
W3C’s primarily focuses on developing protocols and guidelines for key aspects of the web.
W3C has generated more than 90 standards so far, that have passed through rigorous process of review, formulation and implementation.

Some of the important standards defined by W3C are as follows:
1. Web Design and Applications
2. Web Devices
3. Web Architecture
4. Semantic Web
5. XML Technology
6. Web Services
7. Browsers and Authoring Tools

Importance of W3C Standards
W3C standards are defined with the mission and vision of
1. Principles for designs
2. Web for all on everything
3. Web for rich interaction
4.Web for huge data and Services
5.Web for trust

W3C standards help to ensure that the web works equally well for everyone, anywhere, at any time and on any technical platform.These standards are important to web designers, developers and web users.
Websites or Web applications mainly built with HTML, CSS and XML codes and follows protocols like HTTP, HTTPs etc.
Using W3C compliant coding standards website will function same on any of browsers, improve the Search Engine Optimization. It allows Search engine robots to crawl over the website quicker and more efficiently.W3C standards help to resolve issues like accessibility, Security and Privacy, by maintaining the balance of speed, public accountability and quality on the Internet.
Websites are cross platform compatible, if follow W3C standards. i.e. they can also be accessed on any device platform such as mobile phones, tablets, screen readers, interactive televisions and many more. W3C standard technologies are open source, maintained in a predictable manner strengthen with interoperability.

Conversely, websites that don’t follow W3C guidelines will be slow to load won’t work with consistency with all the browsers which will lead to loss of potential viewers.Also website won’t work as efficiently with search engines, which will lower search rankings and harder for people to find the site. W3C standards are one of the basic, primary reasons why web works so well today and will work even better in the future.

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