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The Project Ara is a technical name for an modular smartphone which is essentially a computer board with compatible units.
The framework will have a endoskeletal frame's with unit's of the owner's choice,such as a display, camera or an spare battery.Everything is detachable.

The smartphone can be swapped from malfunctioning modules or upgrades as innovations come up, providing longer handset cycle durability, and potentially reduced electronic waste.
Project Ara smartphone is scheduled to release a developer version in the United States.

The developer version of this smartphone is scheduled to release in U.S in last quarter of 2016 including target materials price upto 50$ for a beta version phone.The costumer required verson will come in the market in the near future.
The project was started by the Adv Technology and Projects team within Motorola while it was a Google subsidiary. Although Google has divested Motorola to Lenovo company, it retained the ATAP group, now which is a division under Android.
The project is already separated from ATAP and is now a independent part.

Ara Smartphones are being built using the modules inserted into metal endoskeletal modlues known as "endos". The module will be the particular component in the Ara Smartphone made by Google.It works same as the switch to the on-device network linker all the module together.

Project Ara could conceivably become the next best thing, enabling you to effectively build a phone to your own specifications – although the reality won't go quite as far as the initial concept, as we'll discuss.

Two frame having different sizes will be available at first: "mini", a frame having the size of same as a Nokia 3310 and "medium", having the about the size of a LG Nexus 5.In the future, a "large" module about the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available, modules have slots provided on the front for the display and other provided modules. On the back are additional slots for modules. Each frame is expected to cost upto 15$.

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