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After Data sharing, Online shopping, and SM Platforms, the next generation of the internet is connecting Electronic devices with internet this is called as the Internet of Things (IoT). The device range is from sensors and IP cameras to vehicles and production machines – IN next most electronic things will be connected through internet.
This will to grow business in future. And provide lots of ease will also be in the work.

How internet of thing works: - Internet of things is a technology concept and  which is an
aggregation of already available technologies.

Similar to the means during which web has modified the means we have a tendency to work & communicate by connecting US (humans) through World Wide net, IoT aims to require this property to next level by connecting numerous devices to the web – facilitating human-machine, machine-machine interactions conjointly.
The visionaries have conjointly realised that this IoT system has business applications in areas of Home Automation, Automotive, Factory/assembly line automation, Retail, Medical/Preventive aid and additional.
1)Sensors & Sensor technology – They will sniff a large kind of info starting from Location,Weather/Environment conditions, Grid parameters, Movement on assembly lines, reaction engine maintenance knowledge to Health necessities of a patient

2)IoT Gateways – IoT Gateways, because the name justifiedly suggests, square measure the gateways to net for all the things/devices that we would like to move with. Gateways facilitate to bridge the interior network of sensing element nodes with the external net or World Wide net. they are doing this by assembling the information from sensing element nodes &sending it to the web infrastructure.

3)Cloud/server infrastructure & Big Data The data which is transmitted through gateway is stored & processed securely within the cloud infrastructure by using Big Data analytics engine. This processed data is then used to perform intelligent actions that make all our devices ‘Smart Devices’!

4)End-user Mobile apps – The intuitive mobile apps can facilitate finish users to regulate & monitor their devices remote locations. These apps push the vital data on your hand-held devices & facilitate to send commands to your good Devices!

5) IPv6 – IP addresses is the one of the most important to the whole IoT system. Internet is concerned about the IP only. with IPv4 we get 232 combination of IP Address. But with IPv6 we get 2128 no of combination.


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