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Coad and Yourdon completed and published the first practical and reasonably books on Object-Oriented Analysis and Design,  1990 and 1991, respectively. Their methodology focuses on analysis of business problems, and uses a friendlier notation than that of Booch, Shlaer and Mellor, or the others that focus more on design.

Coad-Yourdon methodology has its primary strength in system analysis.

Based on 5 steps SOSAS i.e :
  Subjects    : Find classes and represent DFD.
  Objects      : Find object classes and class hierarchies
  Structures : Identifies classification structures and composition structures in the system.

Classification structures identify the subclass-super class relationships while composition
Structures identify all the other relationships in the system.

Attributes : Find the attributes of all the classes in the system.
Services : Find all the services / behavior / processes in the system.

Consists of 8 principles. They are as follows :
  a. abstraction
  b. encapsulation
  c. inheritance
  d. association
  e. communication through messages
  f. organizational methods
 g. scale
 h. categories of behavior

    Has 4 components. They are as follows :
 a. Problem domain component : This defines the Classes that should be in the problem domain
 b. Human interaction component : these steps defines Interface classes between objects and outside actor
 c. Task management component : Management classes for whole system. Utility classes.
 b. Data management component : Classes needed for database management.

" OOAD stands for Object-oriented analysis and design is a popular technical approach to analyzing, designing an application, system, or business by applying the object-oriented paradigm and visual modeling throughout the development life cycles to better foster  stakeholder communication and product quality. According to the popular guide Unified Process, OOAD in modern software engineering is best conducted in an iterative and incremental way. Iteration by iteration, the outputs of OOAD activities, analysis models for Object Oriented Analysis and design models for OOD respectively, will be evolve continuously driven by key factors like risks and business values." The Data Flow Diagram’s example "Coad/Yourdon's Object Oriented Analysis model" was drown by using the ConceptDraw wich is diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the DFDs solution from the Software Development area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.


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