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Drupal provides two different menus

1. Main Menu
2. User Menu

Main Menu:-

1. This menu is our regular menu in which we give our regular links like “Home”, “About us” etc.

2. As this can be get in “Structure->Main Menu”.

3. We can use links as we want in our website.

4. Just we have to use either name of pages those are given by theme or node number which we crate manually.
E.g.   For manually: - node/170

Given by theme: - shop-fullwidth
1. You can decide any number of links in main menu those to be put on header.

2. Many of times header is provided by theme itself.

3. So it will be easy to develop main menu for header.

4. We can also change links for menus as we want.

5. This is about Main menu provided by theme, we can develop as per our requirement.

User Menu:-
1. This menu is provided to use for login, logout and my profile purpose.

2. Database is maintained automatically.

3. We need not to create links or nodes for this user menu.

4. This menu is provided in “Structure->User Menu”.

5. We have to select the link then got in edit and use as main menu to use in main menu.
e.g.For login

1. Login-> Edit -> use as in main menu.

2. Use this for all links, then we can use our user menu in main menu.

3. This will provide you a login, logout and my profile links in main menu.

4. Drupal will automatically take care of buttons like,

5. When if user is not logged in, that will show only Log In link in And when user is logged in that will show logout and my profile links.

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