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Purpose of graphics in web design

1. Adding visual appeal to the information on the web page is an important point that is considered when development Websites. It helps maintain the viewer’s interest and attention when visiting the website.

2. Another point on these Web Graphics is that it helps to create a Visual Structure for the information Content and navigation on the page.

3. Use of Web graphics purpose can also be to communicate or explain the ideas visually.

Guidelines for effective use of web graphics

1. Fit the Graphics with the purpose, organization, and style of the page.

They should improve the design, structure, or informative content of the entire web page without diverting attention. Keep in mind always whatever Image we include in the Web Page for the Website irrespective of its quality and being spectacular, it needs to fit in the style of the page to give it a perfect look.

2. Graphics with large file sizes that add to the load time of the page should be avoided

Consider the file size of all images on the web page. Massive “page weight” due to poor image use can result in slow loading time for the web pages. A website should on an average contain Graphics of 50KB to 75KB for a better speed and loading time when browsing from the home to the other pages.

3. Graphics must help to guide the viewers’ focus to the important content on the page.

Use of visually powerful graphic elements on a webpage can be used to direct viewers' attention and provide structure for the web page. But we should be careful since strong Graphic elements in a webpage may also pull away the attention from the central content. This results in the page appearing excessively busy and makes it difficult to read.

4. Use of graphics to convey textual content information must be avoided

Though it may be good from the design point of view to use images to represent the textual information content since it gives you better options in terms of font choices and text effects, the graphic based texts are prone to variety of problems as follows:

  • Images of text cannot be resized like actual text, so users with poor vision are not able to resize it to meet their visual needs.
  • Images require much more time to download rather than the actual text.
  • The browser’s find feature will not work with text based images if the user wants to search some text and search engines are better able to index websites that contain actual text, well-structured with HTML content.

5. When using text in graphics, ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the text and the background color.

Always make sure that the graphic elements used will allow the users to easily distinguish the text from its background. Also, try to avoid color combinations like reds and greens for example that color blind users will not be able to distinguish from one another.

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