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1. Create a web project and a web app in Azure App Service.

2. First step is to create a web project in Visual Studio and a web app in Azure App Service. When that is done, you can deploy the project to web app to make it available on the Internet.

3. Open Visual Studio 2015.

4. Click on File -> New -> Project.

5. In New Project dialog box, click Visual C# -> Web -> Asp.Net Web Application.

6. Make sure that .NET Framework 4.5.2 is selected as the target framework.

7. Azure Application Insights monitors your web app for availability, performance, and usage. The Add Application Insights to Project check box is selected by default the first time you create a web project after installing Visual Studio. Clear the check box if it's selected but you don't want to try Application Insights.

8. Name the application tryExample.

9. Click OK.

10. In New ASP.NET Project dialog box, select the -> MVC template.

11. Click on Change Authentication.

12. In the Change Authentication dialog box, click on No Authentication, and then click OK.

13. The application that you are creating for this tutorial is a simple one that does not support user log-in.

14. In the Microsoft Azure section of New ASP.NET Project dialog box, make sure that Host in the cloud is selected and that App Service is selected in the drop-down list.

15. These settings direct Visual Studio to create an Azure web app for your web project.

16. Click on OK.

17. If you haven't already signed in to Azure, Visual Studio prompts you to do so, Sign in with the ID and password of the account that you use to manage your Azure subscription.

18. When you're signed in, the Create App Service dialog box asks you what resources you want to create.

19. In the Create App Service dialog box, enter a Web Application Name that is unique in domain.

For example:- you can name it like tryExample with numbers to the right to make it unique, such as tryExample166. If a default web name is created for you, it will be unique and you can use that.

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