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Anything which is not a text on computer is treated as a computer graphics. Now a day’s almost all computers are using graphical user interfaces. This is because users are not interested in doing any operation by giving textual command. Rather the operations are done by using different icons and GUI. The term computer graphics has several meanings like the representation and manipulation of pictorial data by a computer, the various technologies used to create and manipulate such pictorial data, the images so produced, and the sub field of computer science which studies methods for digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content. Today computers and computer generated pictures are becoming integral part of our daily life. Computers are used in many versatile fields like television, animation films, medical science, simulation fields, etc.

A range of tools and facilities are available to enable users to visualize their data and computer graphics are used in many discipline. The computer is a data processing machine or we can say it is a tool which is used for storing, manipulating and displaying data. We can collect or generate data and process it according to users need. Let us say data is entered from keyboard in the form of two numbers, say 10 and 20 now we can process this data by performing some operation on it say addition, so that we will get result as 10+20=30. Here 30 is a result it means here we have performed addition process on input data. This data is also called as information. This information can help us to make decisions and understand the world and control the operation. If the data elements are less in numbers then we can easily perform any operation but as the volume of information increases a problem arises. Problems could be of type, more time required to process data, accuracy problem, understanding may be difficult etc. so how can this large information be effectively and efficiently transferred between machine and human?

A machine can easily generate 100 line of code or thousand entries for a table. But such a code or table may be worthless if the human reader does not have time to go through it or understand it, if the reader is not going to read all the hundred lines of code and analyze it then he will be doubtful about the output of that code.


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