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Q) What is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks today, and is considered one of the most successful projects on GitHub, forked.
Bootstrap consists of HTML, Css, layouts, and JavaScript plug-in that assist you in developing a responsive front-end design of your web page quickly and elegantly with mobile responsiveness.

Q) Why should use Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is a framework that both beginners and advanced web developers or designers can use. And it is also well-documented, so beginners don’t have to too much tech talk on any problem, and it’s a breeze for developers to check out while they drop Bootstrap into their next project.

Features of Bootstrap:-
1.) Awesome Grid System:- Bootstrap uses a awesome grid system called as twelve-column grid system it is based on percentages, so it’s easy to create a fluid layout, where your design will re-arrange itself at major browser-width breakpoints

2.) Built In Classes:- By using the Bootstrap classes, you can decide how your design will flow as users view it on different type of devices.
<div class="container-fluid"> ... </div>
This class .container-fluid used for full width container and spanning the entire width of your viewport on devices.

3.) Easy to implement JavaScript plug-in:- In code on the top of built in styles Bootstrap comes with JavaScript plug-in that may take care of interactive elements for that you want to include at the top of your page.

4.) Ready to use components:- In behalf of using built in classes & grid system bootstrap framework also provide component that are ready to use such as-
1. Buttons
2. Navigation Bar
5. Panels

Originally bootstrap was created at Twitter in mid of 2010 by MDO & FAT. Originally created by a designer and a developer at Twitter, Bootstrap has become a one of  the most powerful and  popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in world. It is released on 19 august 2011 on Friday.

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