Digital VS Internet Marketing


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Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

-What differ digital marketing from internet marketing?
“Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing are those two words which  often seem identical, but they make a great difference.”

Digital marketing:-
Digital marketing is very broad term that describes a marketing processes that utilizes digital channels to promote a product, a service or build a digital brand.  Digital marketing has becomes in picture from traditional marketing and the transition from paper and newspaper ads to Facebook and Page Per Click campaigns.

Digital media is so widespread that consumers have access to information any time whenever needed and any place they want. The marketing strategies are very much changed With advent of various digital sources. Now marketing and promotions is no more limited to the traditional sources.

The channels which can be utilized in digital marketing include:

1. SEO – is a process of improving the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages.
2. Video marketing
3. Pay per click campaigns
4. Web sites
5. Social media platforms
6. Web TV
7. Mobile marketing
8. Texting campaigns
9. Banner placement
10. E-mail marketing

Internet marketing:-
 Internet Marketing 
is a subset of digital marketing, in fact it is the most important component since the majority of digital marketing activities fall within the boundaries of Internet marketing. Internet marketing encompasses digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, display advertising, and email marketing, fax broadcasts, podcasting, wireless text messaging and mobile instant messaging.

Few channels of Internet Marketing :-
Web site – Either a personal website or a corporate website or even a personal blog hosted on a shared platform (like WordPress or Tumblr).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – is a kind of Internet marketing  that includes the promotion of websites by increasing their ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM may incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts website content and site architecture to achieve a higher ranking in SERP to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings.


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