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Google Maps is a web mapping service. This service was launched in February 2005. This service's front end utilizes JavaScript, Ajax, and XML.

Google Maps uses stitched together satellite imagery to display streets, landmarks, and houses. Usually it works well, but occasionally some items appear to be in the wrong location. The most commonly place I've heard people notice this is with their home.

To change the address edits the location of items on Google Maps. It's quick and very easy.

How it works: -

The data of map you see on Google map is managed by a private company name and that company name is Tele Atlas. Google has partnership with Tele Atlas and they are a world leader in location and navigation based services. All maps are highly accurate and have been hailed for recording extremely rural areas.

When we change the address or location of our company on Google map, so you need to login through your/ company Gmail account, now you need to feel up a simple form and put your new address in it.

  1. Open the Map Maker.
  2. In the top left side, click the add new.
  3. Select add place.
  4. Select the satellite view and zoom in to the appropriate location of your place.
  5. Drop marker on the top of building where your place exists.
  6. From drop down menu>> select a category.
  7. Enter the name of the place.
  8. Click on save button.

How time it takes: - New updates may can take a few weeks to show there on Google Maps. When they revert, there are a few common causes and one of them is having outdated information in third party databases which is contain by And it makes sure that if you’ve listed information about your business at somewhere else, you have also updated it there respectively.

By using Google map we have possible to check the distance from one place to another on a single click of mouse.

My Maps was new feature added to Google's local search maps In April 2007. My Maps lets businesses and users create their own map by position maker’s polygons and poly lines, on to a map. Interface is a straight forward overlay on the map. A set of eighty four pre-designed markers is available earthquake symbols and restaurants to webcam and ranging from bars.

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