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8. More new table features
Microsoft-Office Word 2013 has always had weak table tools, & Microsoft-Office Word 2013 2013 finally addresses the problem.
*You can now add a new row to a table by hovering your mouse just outside the left edge of the table at the point at which the row is to be inserted.
*A small icon will appear; click on it & you’re done.
*New Delete buttons on the Mini-Toolbar makes it easy to delete columns & rows; if the table itself is selected, the option lets you delete the entire table.

9. Collapse & expand a document
Long documents can become unruly to manage, especially if you’re working in just a small portion of it. Microsoft-Office Word 2013 lets you collapse & expand a document, so you see only the portion you need. To do this the condition is that you must format the document’s headings using the built-in styles Heading 1, Heading 2, & so on.

Switch to Print Layout view & you can collapse the document by hovering your mouse to the left of a formatted heading. Click the small disclosure triangle to hide the paragraphs between this heading & the next, leaving just the heading text visible.

Right-click a heading formatted with one of the heading styles to access the Expand/Collapse option, which gives you menu control for this feature.

10. Present a document online
Once everyone is connected to the service—which is run via the Microsoft Microsoft-Office Word 2013 Web App—they will be able to follow along as you present the document. The interface supports comments being made during presentation & participants can create a printable & downloadable PDF of the document if desired. Microsoft Office word 2013’s new Office Presentation Service allows you to present Microsoft-Office Word 2013 documents online. Condition, you must be signed into your Microsoft Account to use this feature. When you’re ready to share your document, choose File, Share, Present Online, & click the Present Online button to upload your document to the cloud. You will get a link that you can email or share the doc. with others so they can join the presentation.

There’s a lot to like about the new Microsoft Microsoft-Office Word 201. The new features collectively will make your day-to-day work very easily to perform whatever that happens to be.


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