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1. Smarter collaboration

If you collaborate with others on MS Office Word documents, you know how instantly convos can become difficult to follow, because MS Office Word’s comments tool treats every utterance as a new comment.
In MS Office Word 2013, you can reply to a comment within that comment by clicking the Comment Reply button. This captures thorough discussion of a given point inside a single comment box, which will appear as a small bubble in the document’s margin.
You can also lock the change-tracking feature, so it cannot be bypassed unless the collaborator provides the correct pass MS Office Word.
And with the new Simple Markup option, you can hide complex markups & view the final version of the document. Switch between this & All Markup view from the Review tab or by double clicking the line in the left margin beside a tracked change.

2. Open & edit PDFs. inside MS. Office Word

MS Office Word 2013 can not only open a PDF document, it also enables you to edit it—without need of a third-party application. You can also edit the data inside tables & move images around the document. When you’re finished, you can save the document as either a PDF or a MS Office Word file. This is a must-have feature for anyone who works with PDFs frequently.

3. Discoverable layout options

You can also select Move with text or Fix position on page to control the location of the object. Click See more to open the old Layout dialog, which offers other options for positioning the object on the page. New layout options in MS Office Word 2013 make features such as wrapping text around an illustration much easier to use. When you click on a chart image, or a SmartArt object in a MS Office Word document, a Layout Options icon appears outside its top right corner. Click it to select text wrapping options such as Square, Tight & through. As with the other applications in the Office 2013 suite a formatting task pane opens when you right-click an object & choose, for example, Format Picture or Format Shape. This stays open as you work & shows formatting options relevant to the currently selected object.

4. New table border tools

Select a Line Style, Line Weight, & Pen Color; or choose a preset from the Border Styles list & paint the borders onto the table. You can also sample an existing border, using the Border Sampler tool in the Border Styles panel & then use the Border Painter to paint that style elsewhere in the table. Formatting a MS Office Word table by adding different style & width borders has always been a point of hard work. MS Office Word 2013’s handy Border Painter tool makes this task supremely easy. To access it, choose Table Tools, Design & Border Painter.


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