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Microsoft office Word 2013 boasts new & improved features across the board, spanning document creation to reading, editing & collaboration. What’s even better is that Microsoft has made these advanced features easier for everyone to use.

1. The new Design tab

Document formats can be extended by choosing Colors, Themes, & Fonts to use with them. If you come up with something you would like to use all the time, there is new Set as Default option which allows you to make the current combination of formatting settings the default for all new documents. Microsoft office Word 2007 & Microsoft office Word 2010 added interesting features for styling a document, but the tools were scattered throughout the user interface, & they were difficult to use. The new Microsoft office Word 2013 Design tab consolidates all these tools onto one tab, so they are easy to find. Microsoft office has also added a visual element to its Document Formatting tool that allows you to preview a document style before applying it to the entire document. You’ll also find a range of new document format designs to choose from.

2. Alignment with Alignment Guides

If you have text wrapping set to an option such as Square, the Alignment Guides also show when the object is aligned with the top of a paragraph or to a heading. This new feature makes lining up images & other objects a cinch in Microsoft office Word 2013. When you move an object such as an Image, Chart, or SmartArt illustration around in a doc., Alignment Guides automatically appear to show you when the object is lined up with other elements on the page. The guides also show you when the object is lined up to key page locations, such as the edge of the page & the left & right margins.

3. Comfortable reading in Read mode

If you use Microsoft office Word more to read docs than to create them, you’ll like Microsoft office Word 2013’s new ‘Read mode’. It automatically resizes a doc. to the full window. Click the on-screen arrows to flip through the pages, or swipe the screen from either edge of the display if you’re using a touch-screen monitor. Switch to page view for vertical scrolling. Right-click on any unknown word to display a definition without existing read mode. You can also click on any image, table, or chart to enlarge it for easier reading.

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