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PHP language is a very popular language among the programmers worldwide. PHP is the web development language which is used to develop dynamic website and static website too. And web developer prefers this language to develop dynamic website for their larger and longer projects. There are are so many web development languages available in the web market but out of that, selection of the best one for your project is bit difficult. But while selecting the best web development language we need to consider all the parameters like functionality, performance, security etc. These parameters are the key parameters for the successful website so for this, PHP is the best web development language and thus there is a need of a good PHP libraries.  

Following are 10 PHP libraries which are useful to web developer and they should know these libraries , specially PHP developer to make use of it and reduce the coding time.


  1. Whoops :

It’s a small library which helps to deal with errors and exception in very simple way.

2)Underscore : It’s a php library and basically Underscore.php is a PHP port of the popular Underscore.js library. It help to enhance the underscore functionality. Underscore.php requires PHP 5.3 or greater.

3)Alice: This library allows you to create dummy data for use while developing or testing your project. It provides you a few essential tools to make it very easy to generate complex data in a very easily understood and readable and easy to edit as well.

4)Buzz: Buzz is a lightweight PHP 5.3 library for handling HTTP requests.

5)PHP-PasswordLib : PHP-PasswordLib library helps to fulfil all the essential cryptographic needs which may save you from Hacker.  

  1. Ratchet: This library provides tools to create real time, bi-directional applications between clients and servers over Web Sockets.  
  2. Parody: Its very simple library that can be used to create copy of classes and objects as well as provide working results for method calls, getting properties, instantiating objects, etc. It helps to create sequential method chaining to make defining class structures and operation extremely quick.
  3. Upload: This library helps to simplifies file validation and uploading.
  4. Snappy: It’s a PHP5 library allowing thumbnail, snapshot or PDF generation from a URL or a html page.
  5. PHPgeo:  This helps to provides abstractions to geographical coordinates and allows you to calculate geographical distances between coordinates with high precision. This is useful library to map the appropriate geographical distance of place.

To know more about more PHP libraries, please click here…


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