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How to build a Social Networking website?

Social network has become the inevitable part of everyone’s personal and professional life. Where there are multiple social networking sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest each one is special in its own way. These all sites are popular and making a good money.

In today’s digital world when your web presence can make a huge difference people want to invest their money in web development. So if you have a unique idea this guide will help you to build your own social networking site.

Social Networking website can be built using any leading technology. We would surely like to suggest you “Ruby on Rails” as it has all that you need to build social networking site.

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on rails can be best platform where you want to integrate functionality and UI. You can create a great custom built site using this technology.
Some of the well-known websites like twitter, Slide share, Github, Sound-cloud etc. are built using ruby on rails.

Why to use Ruby on Rails?
Here are few technical specifications which makes ruby on rails best fit for development of social networking sites:-

1) Ruby on Rails is fast displacing PHP, ASP, and J2EE as the development framework of choice for discriminating programmers.

2)  Rails Space teaches you to build large-scale projects with Rails by developing a real-world application: a social networking website like Myspace, Twitter or Friendster.

3) The site's virtually static front page, through user registration and authentication, and into a highly dynamic site, complete with user profiles, image upload, email, blogs, full-text and geographical search, and a friendship request system.

4) Rails helps you control code complexity with the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, abstraction layers, automated testing and code refactoring, allowing you to scale up to a large project even with a small number of developers.


1) It provides Ruby Toolbox that has sources for many social networking categories.

Please check this link:

2) The greatest advantage of using Ruby on Rails is being part of a vibrant, dynamic, creative and caring community.

3) Ruby, the language, is very easy to learn if, and only if, you had prior knowledge on best practices, OOP, functional programming, etc.

4) Rails requires that you have a little bit more sysadmin knowledge than most.

5) MVC scaffolding may help/force those newer to programming make a slightly more structured applications. (Beats maintaining a single-file, 10k line PHP application)

6) Development takes less time

It has been calculated that the development time on Ruby on Rails is reduced by 40-50% in comparison with the development on other programming languages.

7) Flexibility

Modular design of Ruby on Rails apps results not only in faster development, but also in flexibility of these solutions. They can be easily modified, improved or extended after the release.

8) Heritability

"The Ruby Way" is a concept of consistency in the structure and methodology when writing code followed by ROR developers to make code management between developers easier.

9) Cost Effectiveness

Actually, all previous 3 points lead to the final cost reduction and better return on investments (ROI).


1) Ruby on Rails, the web framework, is not so easy to learn.

2) It is not drag-and-drop installation.

3) Very large deployments like Facebook of course, require much higher levels of expertise.  There is no standard support on Rails for such large deployments. There is no standard support on any web framework for such large deployments.

Overcome the Problem:
Ruby on Rails has become the popular web development framework in short time. Many ready to use plugins and modules are available for rails. Future availability of resource is major benefit of using Ruby on rails platform.


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