WSDL (web services description language)

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It stands for web services description language. It is the standard format for describing a web service. WSDL was developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM. It is .xml

file and easily read by human

It mainly tells about two things

1) what a web service does?

2) How it does it?

Based on these what and how it is categorized into two parts:

Based on what it is categorized into 4 parts:-

 1) Types: we define all data types using xml that is used by web services.

 2) Messages: each operation contain some data element which are defined in the message part.

 3) Operations: operation are nothing but methods defined in our programming language.

 4) portypes: it is nothing but collection of operations .It is the root element fro various of operations in our web services.

Based on how it is categorized into 2 parts:-

1) Binding name: It tells what type of SOAP messages goes out at runtime. It links abstract section to the actual section.

2) Services: this is where you tell your client that how the web service can be consumed.

The root element among which above all element are present is the definition element.

Structure Of WSDL



  it contains the data types defined in web servies.



 it contain definition of communicated data



  collection of operations......



 specification of protocol and data format....



All the services of the web is defined here.



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