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The process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media. Media includes Videos, Images, audios etc. That’s the definition from Wikipedia.

If you are still doubtful about this, just imagine using your smartphone to take photos of your friend at his/her school performance, then uploading them from your smartphone to a site such as Facebook or Flickr, or directly to the Twitter. Now imagine a complete stranger being able to pin-point the exact location of those photos. Well, that’s what geo-tagging does. And it’s the same technology you’ll find in social networking apps such as Facebook Places or Foursquare. NBC Action News gives you a nice over look of how geo-tagging technology works & why you might want to consider disabling it on your smart phone. Some people want to disclose their exact location. But that doesn’t mean you or your friends have to. Unfortunately, geo-tagging is not something many people are familiar with. Most people just click “allow” when geo-tagging-enabled mobile apps ask for permission, without knowing why it’s asking that or what it exactly means.

The New York Times shows just how easy it is to find someone’s location from a photo they took on their smartphone. “By downloading free browser plug-ins like the Exit Viewer for Firefox ( or Opanda IExif for Internet Explorer (, anyone can pinpoint the location where the photo was taken & create a Google map.”

How to disable geotagging on the iPhone –

– Go to the Settings app & select General.

– Now look for the Location Services option.

– You might not want to disable Location Services for apps like Google Maps, but there’s an option to turn it off for the Camera app. doing this will stop all geo-tagging on your mobile photos.

– It’s also worth noting that not all iPhone’s have the option to disable location services on specific apps–some only have the option to turn it off or on altogether. Unfortunately, this is a hassle as you’ll have to turn this off & on manually every time you need to use Google Maps or the Camera app.

In the future, if something comes up that looks like this, make sure you say “Don’t allow”.

How to disable geo-tagging on Android devices –

Again, people won’t want to disable geotagging on their entire device since doing so would render things like GPS useless. So following is a quick guide on how to disable it just for the camera on your Android device.

– Start the camera app.

– There you can see a menu that slides out from left to right.

– Here you’ll see one option called Store Location. Make sure it’s set to off.

This will ensure that your camera no longer geotags your images.


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