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An instance is basically an object. In actual english, it can mean differently. In this case instance in english can mean 'To Refer' or 'Reference'. These objects instances in programming are also a reference to the source code. An instance, in object-oriented programming (OOP), is a specific realization of any object. An object may be varied in a number of ways. Each realized variation of that object is an instance. The creation of a realized instance is called instantiation.

Each time a program runs, it is an instance of that program. In languages that create objects from classes, an object is an instantiation of a class. That is, it is a member of a given class that has specified values rather than variables. In a non-programming context, you could think of "dog" as a class and your particular dog as an instance of that class.

The things you need to do for creating the instance of the existing website on your localhost is as follows:

  1. Take the backup of the website which include the “sites” folder and the database of the website.
  2. Open localhost and go to phpmyadmin for importing the database of the instance.
  3. Next you need to create database in phpmyadmin and import the sql file to the database(the importing may take few time).
  4. Then download the Drupal and extract the zip file of drupal in the new folder in the htdocs.
  5. Delete the existing sites folder of drupal and copy the sites folder of the instance(back up file)to the drupal in place of sites.
  6. Open the path htdocs\folder name\sites\default .
  7. Make the following changes in the settings.phh.

      a) Change the database name

      b) Enter “root” to the username.

      c) Save the changes

     8.  Now open the browser and open localhost/folder name

These are the steps you need to follow for creating the instance of the website on your localhost.


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