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How many of you actually got excited about picking up the phone and trying to make a sale with someone you’ve never met before?

I bet there aren’t many of you out there. For most of us, cold calling is a dreaded and daunting task that strikes fear down. However, it’s a part of the game. And when done correctly, it can be a powerful and effective sales tool. So to make sure that you’re perfecting your cold call it is very important to prepare a sold calling script before picking up the phone.

Here are some steps in which you can prepare your own script: Firstly, you should decide your objective of cold calling which helps to move from interruption to conversation.

Once the objective is been decided pick up the phone start calling. The first step in calling would be giving your short introduction.

Eg: My Name is ___

After short introduction, there is a study which shows that instead of asking “Whether it is good time to talk?”, “Have I caught you at a bad time?” works far better.

After asking this question there are 3 predictable answers which you will receive: i) Yes

ii) No

iii) Yes…but

With this at least you come to know that 2 out of 3 are positive responses where you can start a conversation.

After this you can start over again and don’t start with company introduction instead “State the purpose of your call”. Here the purpose of your call would be getting a meeting arranged with the client. This helps in causing a major disconnect in clients brains because the client is expecting something along the lines of what they hear from most people which is “Our Company does this and that…..” With this either you’ll receive a positive response or negative one.

If the response is positive continue with...”What we do in a sentence is we provide companies with xyz. Does this sound interesting to you?”

If the client finds it interesting go ahead with a response like… “Great. Sounds like this could be a good fit. Let me send you our portfolio/Brochure and schedule a time next week to discuss all your questions etc. What’s a good time to call next week? ”

This way you can convert cold calls to hot leads.

One final, important note: Do not read the script, under any circumstances. Instead, practice the script as written, and then practice it from memory--so that the words emerge naturally, as if you just thought of them, the moment you began speaking. Also, when you ask a question as part of the conversation, stop and actually listen to the customer.


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