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Navigating large websites has always been a design problem. You could create a huge sitemap-like
menu with links to every page, but it would become impossible to scan and grow increasingly large as more pages are added.

In general, designers choose either:

  1. A small simple menu that links to pages with additional navigation as you delve deeper
    (Site point is a good example). These are easy to use and accessible, but multiple clicks can be required to
    reach the content you want.
  2. Dynamic drop-down or expanding menus that allow visitors to reach most pages no matter
    where they are.

Typically, a mega menu:

  • is a single drop-down that appears on hover
  • shows all the options in one large panel
  • groups options into related categories
  • Uses icons or other graphics to help the user.

There are several reasons why mega drop-down menus will become a mainstream feature of many websites:

  1. They offer a good compromise between simple and expanding menus.
  2. They are easy to use and should suffer fewer accessibility problems.
  3. They look great and give designers more scope to express their artistic creativity!

Over the last few years mega menus have come into increasing popularity, but in the process they’ve
ignited some controversy within the design community. Mega menus are large navigation panels that typically drop down
or fly out from a global nav bar. While they certainly aren’t appropriate for every site, mega menus can create a great
navigation experience for a user when done well.

Advantages of mega menus:

  • Mega menus facilitate the display of many options at once. Unlike regular drop-downs,
    they don’t hide so many options within submenus and index pages: users can see all of their options, rather than being forced
    to rely on their short-term memory.
  • Mega menus allow for efficient, hierarchical organization and grouping, 
  • supporting visual emphasis of relationships between items and using progressive disclosure to guide users to the information they are
    looking for without overwhelming them with a barrage of other options.

  • Mega menus can use icons and pictures as well as typographical hierarchy where appropriate
    to make scanning easier


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