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Server migration could be a daunting task if not planned properly especially if one is dealing with huge number of live websites. So before starting this task create a rough action plan and review it properly. Following points should be taken care of

*  Are you looking for control panel (mostly yes)

*  If yes, then you plan the different cpanel package assigned to different websites

*  Finalize the websites which would be having separate cpanel

*  Have access to your domain registrar credentials (Used while changing name servers)

*  Create backups of all the cpanels (this mostly includes backup of public html, mail folders and the sql files of individual website)

So the first and foremost step would be to buy the vps package and then login to WHM. After logging in to whm make sure that you delete the default password and that too having a proper strength. The next step would be the creation of different packages for the cpanel. With help of these package we can set the specification of cpanel such as disk space, monthly bandwidth, number of email account etc. This feature is used when we resell our own hosting package to customers. To accomplish this process click package on whm home page and then click on add a package, after this fill the required specifications.

Now after creation of different hosting packages on whm you need to create cpanels based on hosting package. To create a cpanel for a website under account function and click on create a new account.

Next log-in to the newly created cpanel. Here the first step would be to transfer your files in public html folder. After this go to mysql database and create a new database. Next create new user and grant him all the privileges. Also add this user to the above created database. Now transfer your schema in this database to nearly complete this process.

Here an additional process could be creation and backup of email accounts if you have email accounts associated with your domain. As said one needs to zip the mail folder present in the home directory to take a backup of your email accounts. Next create those email accounts on the new cpanel. Also extract this zip folder in the new cpanel to complete restoration of your old emails.

This step completes your work on the hosting provider. Also if you want to check your website you can access them from www.domainname/~cpanel for testing the website.

Now one needs to login to the domain name registrar’s website, so as to change the name servers. Click on your main domain on which whm account was created. Here you need to change your name servers so that your website could be transferred from old cpanel to new cpanel. But please note that this propagation can take 48 to 72 hours. So we would advise you to initially change the A record of your domain so that the propagation starts and once it is done change name servers.


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