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1. Write with purpose.

What are you trying to achieve? What is the goal of your corporate video? These are the questions you first need to answer before you begin writing your script. The whole message of what you are trying to achieve must be firmly communicated in your video. Without this, your script won’t have much meaning.

2. Know your audience.

Identify your corporate video’s target audience before you start writing your script. Knowing who your video is for will determine the style and tone of voice you will be using. If you’re targeting mothers Between 25-36, for example, your video will showcase messages that young moms find relatable. If your audience consists of entrepreneurs, then your objective will be writing a script that gets them excited about their own brand or product.

3. Decide on a tone.

Once you know your audience, you can determine what tone to use for your script. Everything presented in your video will need to comprehensively promote this tone. What background music will you use? Will you use narrations, voiceovers, or will people be in the video to talk to your audience? If so, what will they say and how will they say it? Will your script be authoritative, kind, sweet, childlike, powerful, or welcoming?

4. Value simplicity.

Creating a corporate video is like making an ice cream cone. The cone, candy sprinkles, and chocolate sauce are all great, but what people are really buying is the ice cream. Corporate videos are the same: you can have bells and whistles like excellent lighting and original music, but if your video’s overall message isn’t solid and straight-forward, the audience won’t enjoy it.

5. Shorter is better.

With web videos, shorter is always better – and approximately 90 seconds is a good target for a corporate video. If you have a long video, your audience will be less likely to finish it, which is why you should always start with your message’s most important points.

6. Include what will be seen in the video.

When someone reads a finalized script, they should be able to imagine all of your video’s visual elements. Be as descriptive as you can. Write your corporate video script the same way you would write a play or a movie.


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