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In the present century change agents like CIOs,CTOs are designing great mobile moments that drive revenue growth,improve the customer experience, which transforms organisarion’s business model.

Following points are worth noting:

  • Multiple mobile technologies:  Many new mobile technologies are coming up,the present goal of change agents is to extract the maximum potential of each technology,and combine them in the most effective manner.


  • Mobility beyond smartphones: Mobility has now become the part of every business model,there are new models and types of device coming every day.So we must see the larger picture.


  • Gratest Technology: The change agents now-a-days focus on mobile technology that ha sthe gratest user impact,they take a proactive approach to understand and invest in emerging technologies.


Few of the new technologies coming up are:multiplatform application development,sensors,mobile sevice battery,mobile wallets etc.When all such technologies would be combined these have the potential to vhange the functionality of the entire organisation .

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