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This point comes into picture because everyone where the Drupal conferences are there they always talk about why one should go to Drupal but on-one talk about When to NOT use Drupal.

When you are building any website you should know which technology you are working on. Firstly I want to tell you all that “I’M NOT HATIN I LOVE DRUPAL”. Yes Drupal is an amazing tool. ”It can do everything!” But the problem there is EVERTHING.

When we learn Drupal first time we think how greater this tool is where we can create everything we want. When customer say “I need web application that does____”. Now there this blank (_____) can be anything. There after I say “Yeah, Drupal can do that!” Even lot of people think that Drupal can do everything. What I could stop the people saying that Drupal can do that! We need to start saying “Yeah, Drupal should do that!” So big question come out “What Should Drupal Do?” And “What Should It Not Do?” Drupal is and intended to be a CMS (content management system) when the word come CMS lot of people think “I have content and I need to manage it.” “Just because you have content to manage, does NOT mean you need a Content Management System.” Every website has content. Is how to wish to manage it comes into picture. Following are some points you need to think.

• How people are interacting to the website.

• What is the idea of total follow of the software? If anyone ask me what is Drupal I could say Drupal really is “content Workflow Management System.”


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