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Take backup of your code and database.
For Drupal update, you need to download core drupal. Please follow below steps.
Step 1: Drupal Core Download. Check below link
Step 2: Check for update
Reports->Available update->update tab(right side) - Check the update available.

Step 3: Put the site on maintenance mode. For that please follow below steps:
Configuration->Development->Maintenance mode

Check on check-box[Put site into maintenance mode ] and then Save configuration. You will get below screen.

Step 4: Now to go update

Select all  update on click on “Download these update” .You will see below screen.
Note :If you had made any changes in any module please keep its backup.

Click on continue. After clicking on continue you will see below screen.

Step 5:
Click on “Run database update”. After clicking you we see below screen.

Step 6:
Click on “Continue”. Clicking you will get below screen.

Step 7:
Click on “Apply pending Updates”. On clicking you will get below screen.
You have updated all the modules.  Now to upload core drupal follow the following steps.

Step 8:
Login to filezilla locate your website folder.
Firstly Extract the file which you have downloaded in step 1.
Now go to root folder or your web-site. And copy all the file except
•    Sites
•    .htaccess
•    Robots.txt
And paste all other files in root floder of your website.Please see below screen short.

Step 9: After file transferring go to update.php  And click on continue .

Step 10:
Remove your site from maintenance mode.
Step 11:
Clear all caches and log-out from admin panel.

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