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I hope that everybody knows that what is LinkedIn and Internet of Things basically. To know more about Internet of Things Please do Click: Hereby considering this we are moving further towards the actual topic.

As google, facebook  are the technological giant in today’s life but LinkedIn is not often thought by the people. But when it’s comes to any business and the Jobs then LinkedIn is the pioneer of it. Hence people rushes towards it.

Some networking professionals has made some significant analysis to the way industries analyse the whatever data they are generating. The biggest Open Source technology Called “KAFKA” is basically developed to pass the messages to n from the LinkedIn’s sprawling web Application which is now becoming a basic component of the Internet of Things.

At the high preference KAFKA is used to send information from one system to the other system which would be real time information. This thing is like sending data into database and at the other end it would be fetched from that other system, which would be called as standard database processing .And the LinkedIn’s system powers this feature. It’s a simple function which helps to fetch huge volumes of fast moving data.

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