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Wearable devices are the technology devices which are worn by a human being and is able to track information. Some examples of wearable devices which we see in our daily lives are smart watch, fitness band, and smart glasses. These gadgets are drastically changing the landscape of our business and living in the society. These devices have potential to improve efficiency, productivity, service, and engagement in different businesses. These can improve the communication, connectivity healthy living and more for human living. One of the wearable device, Apple watch, which according to Apple’s CEO Tim cook is “the most personal device we’ve ever made,” and allowing users “to do things they never imagined”. A research says that 21% of American adults use and owns the wearable gadgets.

These wearable devices are changing the way entertainment, media, health and insurance industry operates. When it comes to providing the retail experience, these devices provides stronger shopping insight, advertising, loyalty program and faster payment options to them. For health care these devices keep a track of fitness and diet accountability, medical information, clinical data of the customer. In term of entertainment experience, these devices provide relevant media, sports, gaming, music, and ecommerce experience to the user.

These devices either feed us with the information or collect information and based on the information that they analyze it with another set of data. Then these devices come up with the customize recommendation and provide the users with personalized experience.  In this way these devices  equip consumers correct information at the right time based on the analysis and provide them with best entertainment, health retail and business experiences. From customer point of view these devices are helpful in reducing time, strengthening connectivity with friends and family, saving time, improving customer experience.

Now a days, customer technological innovation is playing important role to develop these wearable devices and match customer requirement. Top brands such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, Amazon are poised high to deliver best experience to the customer of these wearable devices. Currently companies of these wearable devices are targeting the best experience to the end. However, for future companies are designing the devices to keep business to provide improvement in productivity and efficiency of the organization.


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