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Most of the world’s Facebook users don’t know about the company’s creative lab division which works on mobile app in order to enhance the user experience on smartphone. Here’s a brief look at some of the most popular mobile apps.

1. Paper: This is an IOS specific app that transforms your Facebook timeline into a newspaper. This makes Facebook more immersive and less distractive experience. One can go through the posts in full screen layout, and customize the sections which follow.

2. Facebook Mentions: This is also an IOS specific app.This app is specifically designed for celebrities, or people who actively maintain their pages. Its user can share pics, videos, ideas instantly with their followers on twitter, Facebook, Instagram all in one app.

3. Facebook Rooms: This app allows Facebook users to create and join rooms without revealing their personal information. They are encouraged to use pseudo names which can be different in different rooms. This app operates independent of the Facebook data which is a plus point for this app.

4. Facebook Groups: This app is available on android and IOS. This app is designed to enhance user experience while using groups. It provides a less distracting space for its users so that one can easily share, follow and engage in different groups.

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