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“In today’s world, almost everyone has either seen or used a Macbook, but not everyone knows about G4 cube.

Both products are innovative in design and performance and built by the same company, why do the two products have such contrast in their commercial application?

Innovation has its time for “failure” which could be unsuccessful market launch or shorter-than-expected market life. Temporary innovation alone cannot guarantee long term success; however, what keeps Apple “on the go” is that Apple strives for continuous innovation. Through an iterative process that is human centered and customer focused, Apple consistently develops new ideas and brings them to life to match the needs and abilities of the people who would actually operate the product.

On the other hand, Nokia, perhaps take too much pride in its early success in the mobile phone business have failed to develop timely products that would allow the company to compete in the smart phone era. Only recently Nokia has developed its very first touch screen smart phone.

Apple views its G4 cube brilliant in design, but even after multiple improvements to the product, it still could not gain wide acceptance by the market, and production of which had to be halted. If the mentality of Apple’s design team is stubbornly zoomed in on improving the cube until market acceptance, too much opportunity could be forgone which could be used to develop other designs and technologies.

Knowing when to let go of an idea and continually generate new ones to match solutions to the latest problems will eventually drive profit. The NeXT interface was another example of a brilliant product without brilliant commercial success; however, Apple’s innovation in operating systems did not just stop at NeXT. Instead, NeXT’s architecture was later utilized as the foundation upon which Apple’s computer operating system was built, an operating system that stands out in the crowd.

At Apple, from operating systems to computers, from music players to phones, each new idea or design, whether widely accepted by the market or not, seem to be a unique learning process that relays back to the designers the information on current trend, taste and style, and flexible design thinking allows Apple to continue to improve upon its designs or even boldly innovate to a different niche. 

In the same way, taking learning from Apple, SleepHungry’s team, strives hard to bring continuous innovation and provide best solution to their customers.

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