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Now a days e-commerce companies along with their technology providers are trying attract more and more digital customers. They are planning different strategies to effectively engage digital customer through different digital touch points. These companies are investing lot of resources in digital marking, social media, search engine, advertising etc. However most important strategy to get more and more digital customer is to map the shopper’s DNA. Companies need to decode customer characteristics to find out their buying behavior.

Companies need to track customer decision journey which captures customer behavioral attitude and pathways at different stages of purchase. Usually, while buying customer first think what he/she want to buy and then they look for the information of product and then the review of the product. So for e-commerce companies, it is very important to understand what customer want to buy. Apart from this, customer interact thought various digital channels such as social media, email, video etc. So e- companies need to ensure that their digital channel helps customer interact with company’s brand effectively.

Apart from this companies need to analyze the product purchase history to find out the preferences of customer. They need to understand how customers respond to various online offers. They can track customer response to various offers such as discounts, loyalty rewards and coupons. This will help companies to understand customer shopping behavior and which offer will effectively be selected by the customer segment. Companies should monitor customer’s life moment such as birthday, anniversary, birth of child etc. to understand the behavior of their purchase. Usually customer behavior during seasonal festival and holidays is different, they tend to buy more consumable and durable.

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