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Innovation, in any business model, is spiral approach which helps companies them to grow successfully. Now a days, all successful companies are embedding innovation into the fabric of their organization. For them, innovation is a way of life and a process to remain at the top of the game.
A study says that innovation is usually one of the top three drivers of growth for the companies. However, similar study says that most executives, about 65 %, are generally disappointed in their ability to stimulate innovation since they are not much confident about the decisions and ideas of innovation.

So is there a gap between the leaders’ aspirations and execution?

But there is no best-practice or solutions to seed and cultivate innovation in an organization. However, there is always a requirement of disciplined focus on people-management fundamentals that may produce the building blocks of an innovative organization. Companies should formally integrate innovation aspects into their strategic and management agenda of all the senior leadership. In this way, company can measure, track and manage the core element for its growth aspiration with innovation. Managers should create the conditions that should allow dynamic innovation to flourish and emerge in their function. Companies should create a culture such that people come up with innovative ideas which are highly valued.
At Ziuby, all employees and leadership are maximizing their effort in the direction of innovation by providing consulting, web solutions, technology and marketing services to the companies.  Ziuby’s most innovative and creative website development team is helping companies in  most important way to accelerate their pace of change in today’s changing global environment. These solutions are supporting companies to pioneer innovations in value chain, distribution, business processes, function management and business models.

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