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Internet of things is creating real economic value and is bringing about a significant shift in the way we interact with our surroundings


We wonder what Internet of Things is doing?  It is acting as actuators or sensors connected by all networks to computing systems. These systems have the ability to monitor or manage the health and actions of all connected objects and machines. And these connected sensors is able to monitor the natural world, people, and animals.

So, Internet can manage and monitor objects in the physical world electronically.This ability is supporting data-driven decision making to new domains of human activity. In this way we are able to optimize the performance of our processes and systems. Also we are able to save time of businesses and our people and hence we are able to improve quality of life.

Many companies such as manufacturing companies , oil and gas companies, and other businesses have already seeing the initial benefits of Internet of things technology in their operations.  Examples such as factory floor equipped with sensors can help to improving the performance of machines, extending the lives of machines, and learning how machines could be redesigned to do even more. Simple example of internet of things in our daily life is Fitness bands to monitor our physical activity and monitor our walking kilometer, heartbeat, running rate etc.

Apart from improving productivity, time saving, and asset utilization, Internet of things is creating significant economic value. A study says that Internet of Things has a total potential

Economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion per year in 2025. In particular, organizations should start using Internet of thing technology to maximize its value.

However it will take time for companies to create systems that can maximize Internet of thins value. To start with all new companies should first mark their impression on internet by having a creative website. Companies like “ZIUBY”- a web designing house is helping companies to design, development, test, and implement idea.

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