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Agile Methodology has been used for many years in software development. It has been useful in raising productivity and giving work satisfaction to the people who use this methodology.

But this same Agile Methodology when applied to enterprise architecture (EA), it has not been useful in its traditional form. For its successful application it needs some minor changes in its scope and timeline.

Some of the Difficulties faced during application of Agile Methodology and enterprise architecture can be overcome by:


1. Help Agile Coaches align to EA goals: To make EA goals achievable some of the organizations need external coaches to go through the architecture and verify it.

2. Govern the Agile projects: In the context of agile the project should be viewed as ongoing guidance towards the desire outcome. To achieve this EA groups enable architects who monitor the projects.

3. Rethink architect resourcing: The uncertainty associated about final requirements in agile process limits the EA resources.

So to proceed EA groups triage the agile projects for better outcomes.

4. Learn to work in hybrid environment: Today most of the organizations work in hybrid environment in order to tailor recommendations based on individual project requirements.


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