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ow-a-Days it is being said that 40% of world’s population has access to internet. So it can be easily approximated that almost 3 Billion people on this planet Earth use internet. But as we know every coin has two sides so with all the advantages of internet, its disadvantages or harms that it can cause cannot be neglected.

With the passage of time all of us are becoming aware of cyber snooping and its detrimental effects. This has also highlighted the lack of privacy on internet. Some of us might have been a prey or have noticed credit card frauds or hacking of e-mails, social networking accounts etc. All such issues are not only a threat to personnel security but also have much serious implications such as cyber Warfare.

One of the most prominent example of cyber warfare is the STRUXNET virus attack on Iran which infected and almost shut down Iran’s nuclear reactors. With the days gone by there have various such incidents in which one country has attacked some other country. It has been observed that there are numerous such incidents happening every minute.


Arresting such problems have become must and some steps must be taken to curb 

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