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ow a day, web development is a booming development area in IT sector where various types of such as professional, commercial, e-commerce etc. website are developed by developer by using various web development technologies such as cms , drupal , joomla , magento etc.For all these web development technologies CSS is required for the beautification of the website. This CSS thing plays an important role in this beautification area.

So, Following are the 3 things, almost no one knows about CSS ,but , web developers should aware of these 3 things are as follows:


  • Setting Of The line-Height: 

How to set this line height for your text? As such we are required this kind of feature ;but, If you want the text on your website to be double spaced by default then what code we have to apply? Then the answer is we have to apply a unit less number ( except by using px or % ).


  • Setting For making element overlap:

How to overlap the HTML element? The answer is “margin “this margin property will help you to create distance between elements which can cause the HTML elements to overlap. And the wonderful thing is that negative margin help to overlap the elements.


  • Use Of Pseudo-elements vs Pseudo-classes:

First of all, the question may arise what is Pseudo-element and what is Pseudo- class?The answer is, pseudo-element is the element which is used for style specifies parts of elements such as first letter, first line etc. And , Pseudo-class is used to define the state of element respectively. Now the difference between pseudo-element and Pseudo-class will get cleared. By using these two things, we can achieve:

  • When the checkbox is checked, It provide the label of a checkbox in a different colour.
  • Provides the different background colours for the even and odd rows of the table.
  • Display the first line of a paragraph in bold text of flexible page layout


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