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Projects tend to go off track especially when there are constant change requests and additions. One of the greatest challenges is to manage these expectations that have the tendency to creep up on unexpectedly and put you in a tough spot. Expectations need to be set from start with all the players involved. This is a recipe that ends up affecting and suffering the deadlines which are set optimistically.  Setting up goals and target is the key yes! But in order to do this communication plays a key role. With no proper communication lines in place it most likely to end in a chaotic output. Nothing sets up a bad impression especially with a client with a job done shabby or poorly.

So how can a project are kept on track especially with a team of more than 1 person. Yes sarcasm can be used to highlight a point and this is a perfect example. Team project are the toughest to manage. A team is always formed on some common interests without whom there is no incentive for each person involved. A team must be motivated and invested in a project.  Believers always make good team players since they tend to push themselves and dare say blindly believe in the cause. Following are a few points that can give in some key insights to tackle these problems.

1. Early bird catches the worm: Getting involved early is a good thing. The expectations are usually set by the senior management and here an open forum can help gain clarity especially with the team deliverables. Taking a consensus early on can help avoid future problems. Take the appropriate amount of time to work with senior management during the planning process to define key measureable objectives that everyone can agree upon.

2. Sales Team & Technical Team, brothers in arms! : Be part of the sales process, this way you know what is expected and discussed from the very beginning. The more you know about the goals of the project, the better you can guide your team to success.

3. You are a part of it! : Involve all stakeholders; a project that is technically challenging can bring a team of enthusiastic employees from the senior guys to junior programmers together for some quality brain storming. This can help to make sure everyone has input on the timelines and expectations

Having the team review tasks completed focused on the work at hand, ensures that precious development time isn't spent on projects that don't move forward towards completion. It is critical to ensure that aspects such as quality and pace are managed in sync with each other to get the most optimum results out of the team.

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