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When it comes to content management systems WordPress definitely enjoys a lot of popularity. Be it personal blogs, business websites or even e-commerce website, it is fairly evident that WordPress is a preferred choice. WordPress enjoys a strong community that drives it to grow and progress in terms of functionality and updates but security has always been a concern. It is not possible to make a system 100% secure but a conscious effort made to identify security threats and take counter measures is vital especially with a product that is widely used.

WordPress recently have released a version 4.1.2 which highlights the critical security issues faced by the CMS. The update is known as ‘Critical Security Updates’ which focuses on preventing anonymous users from compromising the Websites. The earlier version faced issues such as cross-site scripting vulnerability. Although this security issue is faced by other similar CMSs, WordPress developed Websites seem like a popular target for hackers. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) have released a statement in April 2015 stating that terrorist groups such as ISIS and other radical organisations are also targeting websites that are vulnerable to continue their propaganda.

It is extremely vital now more than ever that security of a website... however small it may be should be taken seriously.  For the WordPress users and Webmasters it very important they keep updating the WordPress version used with security updates. 

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