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If you are new to Linux and don’t want to loose your windows license here is a way to get it installed. You need to dual boot your system using which you can choose between Operating System while starting your System. Following are the simple steps to be followed :


1. Save your product key of windows by going to MY-Computer-->Right click-->Properties-->product key. Save it in a pen drive or a disk other than your system to be on safe side. You can even write it down on a piece of paper.

2. Now check if your system have an unallocated space using your Driver Manager Software installed on your windows system. If you have around 50GB of unallocated space you are good to go, else remove a drive and make space with name as "/" and save it.

3. Now make a usb or CD/DVD bootable using bootable software and the .iso image file of the Linux version you want to install.

4. Now Restart your System and go to the boot menu using F2 or F12 button on the keyboard and change the priority of devices to external drive. Now save and shut-down your system.

5. Now attach a USB or CD/DVD you made bootable and start the System.

6. A process will appear on the screen for the installation of Linux. Follow the installation process and you are good to go with Your new Linux Version and Windows at the same time.


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