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SEO plays an important role in case of website ranking. So to get huge Traffic and good website rank you have to be very clear about your SEO which will help you to reach

  to the right audience.As we know Content is a King in case of SEO.So, whatever content you will post on your website that should be rich enough apart from this,

  Following are the 5 best SEO Practices and trends for 2015


Online Security Will Become More Important in Rankings:-

            As we all know that basically for website, internet is must and in addition to it If your website deals with online payments and sensitive customer information,

            you need to make sure you are using proper security measures to secure that information from the outside or from hackers attacks. You can achieve it by using

            security certificates like SSL.


Mobile-Friendly SEO will grow:-

            The reason behind it is that now a days there is hike in mobile users as they want the things on a single go. Hence, mobile users will be the good factors for

             Google’s Search engine algorithm. To get huge traffic from them, then you have to apply SER strategy in such a way that that should be mobile friendly.


Increased focus on conversations instead of keywords:-

             As we know,Google is so smart so; Google’s Search engines are now using context, meaning, and intent of the words in a search query, instead of just focusing on

             matching up keywords. Those search engines are searches for more “conversational,” keyword, which will grow in importance for SEO.


Link Building Will Focus on Brand Mentions:-

              Proper link building will continue to be important. Because search engines interprets the backlinks coming to and from a website. No doubt, content will get more of the focus,

              so you need to think about rich content relevance and social popularity for your BRAND.


There Will Be More Visual-Based SEO:-

              Visual based SEO is nothing but the presenting your brand’s ideas in terms of audio or video which will be in good quality. Visual media elements like graphics,images,

              and portfolios are the good performing assets for your website. Rich text with visual elements gets priority in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) over web pages

              with just text,and video marketing on YouTube can generate a huge amount of link and social sharing traffic for your site.

            So be rich in case of SEO content, be creative in case of image ,audio & video content for SEO. This will definitely help you to drive huge traffic for your website.


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