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Regular phones offers just texting, calling functionality, some simple games whereas Smartphones can be used to enjoy nice features such as email, gaming, downloading apps and using it easily, accessing internet anywhere and anytime, clicking pictures and taking videos, Listening to music, etc.

Smartphones can be used to access official information in the form of PPT and excel sheets irrespective of the place and time. They are so much stylish, give a sense of professionalism and provide lot of user efficiency. There is no need to carry laptops for any meetings or sales activity instead we can have smartphones and use it very efficiently.

Regular phones are equipped with cameras, but don’t produce good quality images as smartphones. Smartphones have got many applications to edit pictures as well such as collage the pictures, change the colour, give some effects, etc.

With the smartphone applications, we can send the images, videos, can share the location with our friends, family, etc.

With the Smartphone applications, you can book a cab easily so that you can travel from one place to another easily, can online order the things such as accessories, clothes, etc. You can order food from hotels; can use maps to navigate from one place to another.

If cost is considered always regular phones are cheaper than Smartphones but provide fewer features respectively.

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