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It was something that the web developers felt proud of, something that was a unique service on offer around a decade ago. At that time the handheld devices accessing the internet were very less and so was the overall penetration of the internet. Smart Operating systems have lead to Smartphone’s which in turn have driven the machine of digital progress at an astonishing pace. This has also helped to increase the progress of related sectors such as marketing, advertising and especially the consumer driven markets.

Smart business owners are quickly realising the fact that a digital presence of a business goes a long way. It not only helps in utilising the local market capabilities to the fullest but also helps in entering new markets. Traditional marketing costs cannot compete with free platforms such as facebook or twitter where a well thought-out strategy can do wonders.

So why should a website development and design company provide Mobile Responsiveness as a standard service? The market demands have traditionally dictated the rules for standardizing any process. Looking at the current trend in mobile-commerce and overall popularity of the Smartphone’s, it only makes sense to provide mobile responsiveness as a standard service. This coupled with technological advancements with CMSs such has Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal; it now has become a common request from the client to have a website that performs the same across multiple devices.

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