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The “PAYPAL” is not a mafia instead it is diaspora.

Many few people knew before Mr. david stacks told the media

"Basically, we were kicked out of our homeland and they burned down our temple. So, we were scattered to the four corners of the globe, and we had to make new homes."

All this happened in the year 2002 when ebay brought the startup named paypal.

Due to this the founders of paypal founded many more startups like

1.Tesla Motors - $27.5 billion market cap
2. LinkedIn - $20.4 billion market cap
3. Palantir - $9 billion value (private company, estimate)
4. SpaceX - $7 billion value (private company, estimate)
5. Yelp - $5.26 billion market cap
6. YouTube - $1.65 billion acquisition
7. Yammer - $1.2 billion acquisition

This group of 220 people founded 7 unicorn compnies popularly called as paypal mafia.

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