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In the era of competitive market and strong security for any website, secure web technology plays an important role. There are many more web technology which are secure and some are highly secured in security point of view. The use of such highly secure web technology will help you to survive in this competitive era.

After web technology, the technique which is important to get traffic for the website is known as SEO.SEO is a technique which affects the visibility of the website in search engines earned results. This result will help you to rank up your website.

There are multiple strategies which are to be applied in SEO technique out of it keyword is an important entity of SEO Strategy. Generally keywords are the words which are strongly related to that particular website and they are present in Meta tag. While searching, this Meta tag will help user to get the particular web page.

 In SEO technique, there are two types of SEO i.e. Positive SEO and Negative SEO where we are going to know few things about NEGATIVE SEO.

The first question will come in mind, What is Negative SEO? And the answer is, it refers to the use of unethical practices in SEO technique which will be applied to compete the competitor’s ranking in search engine. Though negative SEO will help you to compete the competitor but this SEO is hazardous for your website.

Following are few Negative SEO techniques, which can harm your website.

  1. Poor back linking.
  2. Fake Reviewers.
  3. Evil Hacking
  4. Hazardous crawlers etc.

Following are some threats which can cause due to Negative SEO.

  1. Hacking your website.
  2. Build huge number of spam links.
  3. Copying your website’s content and distributing it all over the internet
  4.  Pointing some links to your website with abusing word to down your reputation.
  5.  Removing website’s backlinks.

So conclusion it that,you should avoid Negative SEO techniques and hence it will also help you to avoid negative SEO causes as well.

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