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It has been evident and proved multiple times that planning out an activity has got an edge on the attitude of just winging it! Yes there are scenarios where innovations and creativity have just taken form without putting in too many efforts. Ideas are perfect examples for such. But just having a cool idea is not enough.

There are multiple moving parts and each of them requires their own sweet attention to be executed efficiently. Conception of an idea and reaching to its actual intend result has a long journey. It easy to go down the wrong path and take a approach that only moves you in loops.

There plenty of small things you can do to ensure that a project you are starting keep on its intended course.


1. Task List: Is very important to be prepared upfront.  It gives you a clear understanding of the efforts required to manage it and most importantly it gives you a way to monitor the progress made.

2. Team Members: Forming up a team that can best execute the tasks listed out is vital. Bringing together a group of people with the right set of skills is the best approach here.

3. Follow ups and Assessment: If you are asking yourself the questions "Where am I?" in terms of a project them something has definitely gone wrong. Dependency has its own vicious circle and the best way to avoid this is to keep taking regular follow ups.


Although the information listed out is pretty basic, most of the times keeping it simple is the best approach. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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