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Going with the Wikipedia definition laptops are “portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use”. Both components are also similar.

Following are some reasons why we should go for laptop.


  • Mobility:

Mobility is most important point of laptop. laptop has ability to move around freely and easily. This is the biggest need of professionals in today’s time and also their biggest advantage.


  • Space:

Other most important point is space. Laptop’s do not need big space, it can fit in small space.

So shifting from desktop to laptops would provide you with that extra space which you can utilize in many other better ways.


Energy Saver :

Laptop need less energy as compare to desktop. Desktop need around 150 watts where as laptop need 15-25 watts. Thus choosing a laptop over a desktop is equivalent to energy savings of 60-80%.

Thus above are some important points that can help to take discussion whether to buy Laptop OR Desktop.


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