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Google is most known face of internet. Google surely offer’s a great search experience

For all but there are few tricks which will make your google search more interesting,


1. Use ‘*’ in between your sentence when you don’t remember all words.

    (e.g. “* is better than pizza”).

2. Add file type: your extension to search for files of particular format.

(e.g. “flietype:pdf”).

3. Search for site which contains link to particular site you know by using “link” keyword.

4. You can use ‘&’,’or’,’vs’ keywords to compare two search results.

5. Use “intitle:” or “allintitle:” to search a news or blog with particular heading.

6. Use “related:” keyword to search for related articles, reviews or websites for your search


7. Use “site:” or “inURL:” to search for site with particular keyword in URL.

8. Use “Define:  “   to understand meaning of your search keyword.

9. Use “-“(minus) sign to exclude some words form your search.

10. Put your search in “ ” (double quotes)to search for exact phrase.


Apart from these google can show you time for some other country, time of sunset and sunrise,

Set timer for you, Do some crazy animations with particular search keyword, Do metric conversions and many more things.

Hope you will change your way of search next time & Make the most of it!


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