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For any Website creation  there are several important concepts to work, one of them is Styling of website which is more focus on UI part CSS is a language used with Markup language mostly HTML/ XHTML to give the  website a good and professional look on parameters of colors, fonts, and layout , effects.  One can use CSS combined as well as separated with markup language. The benefits of CSS are the same for new and old websites

CSS Gives Effective and Efficient designs and approach.

With the help of css we can give new and entirely different view to website, as compare with markup language, many of things can be handled by css on various events like at beginning of page load ,on pop up  etc. either these changes can be be made inside the code or we can create our own css sheet,and maintain it accordingly.

CSS can help to design Responsive layout for Websites

With the help of enhancement  made in css like media queries, we can develop the website targeting different device screen size, this is the most advanced and useful feature of css.

CSS 3 comes with advanced and new features

New version of css i.e. CSS 3 comes with plenty of new features and effects, which helps to give website a new and effective look which previously were not possible using css , or we need to write complex code to achieve it.

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