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pecialists digital agencies have been around for about a decade now. Many of them started off ad specialist web design agencies creating web properties for brands.

 They expanded their services to offer interactive ads, microsites (when they were a rage) and online media planning and buying.

 Then came social media campaigns which set off a slew of specialist agencies themselves.


Firstly lets look at the services which constitute ‘digital’ nowadays:

‘digital’ strategy (not sure if such a service makes sense; a brand cannot have a stand alone digital strategy as separated from regular brand strategy)


website design & development

banner & interactive ads

media planning & buying

search & SEO

UI/UX services

Video content creation (including long-format ads for YouTube) & video collaboration

social media campaigns

mobile ads (mostly traditional banner ads)

mobile search

mobile website design

mobile application design and development .


Such services call for a diverse set of specialists:

 developers, business analysts, UI/UX, search and so on.

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