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Everyone wants to learn the decent language for good job. So there is always a question should I learn Java or python? If you already know C++ then Java is easy to learn. And if you know Java you can pick up C++ and C# easily which is used to write many frame application. 


Java is easy to understand and also it has much documentation online which can help to solve any query you may have. Now the question is “Is Java easy to learn?”


Python is often considering from coding perspective but it is very easy to understand. The main advantage of python is it uses dynamic typing which allow the programmer to change the variables and even its variable type.


Now the point comes as what is market for Java programming related to Python Programming?


Java is used for more application than Python. Also java is standard language for android. Both languages are used for programming and building application.   


If someone has already built any application in C, then Python can be used to build an interface. New software can quickly build in Python as compared to Java. This is because Python is good for rapid software development applications and also runs faster as compare to Java applications. 


Java and Python are mutually exclusive. Hence both languages are very important to build career.

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